SMS Surveys

Bulk SMS Surveys are one of the most effective methods of conducting surveys and collecting meaningful research data and feedback in real-time thanks to the constant and widespread use of mobile phones. SMS surveys guarantee, among other things, speed, reliability, and convenience for your research needs.
SMS Surveys Example

How Mobile Surveys Work on SMSLeopard

  • Select SMS Surveys Recipients

    Upload your contacts file in excel format containing the customer details i.e, the phone numbers, and names.

  • Review Your Recipients

    Review your Recipients. Edit, Delete and manage your Recipients easily

  • Compose Survey Invitation Message

    Compose the Bulk SMS message that you would like to send out. Please ensure that you include the Keyword that you have created since it will be used by the clients to opt into the survey.

  • Review Your Invitation Message and Send

    Preview the Message, Correct any Identified Errors and the Confirm the Message for Sending. This allows you to catch any errors in your message in advance.

Use Cases

Customer feedback

Mobile Surveys providing Feedback

65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers. Therefore, customer retention is a crucial factor for a business’s sustainability. Make customer feedback a continuous process and not just a consideration when issues arise. Give your recipients a platform to voice their opinions and experiences and build a longer, profitable relationship with them.

Market research

Conduct market research witl SMS Surveys

Collect, collate, and analyse your numbers, facts, and data with the Survey feature on the SMSLeopard platform. Learn more about your recipients’ expectations, competitors, and the business environment before making new entries into a market.

SMS Surveys Pricing Kenya

The mobile survey prices for the users with their Dedicated shortcodes are based on the SMS tier assigned to their account.
Our Shared Shortcode 24566, is available for use by users without a Dedicated Shortcode at a flat rate of KES. 1.50 CTS per 160-character message.
All networksKES 1.50