SMS Sender ID

A Sender ID enables a company or an individual to send Bulk SMS in a preferred name for easier recognition by their subscribers. Sender IDs can have a maximum of 11 characters. Click here for more information on the sender ID requirements.
SMS Sender ID Example

Use Cases

Sender ID diversification

Sender ID Diversification

Acquire multiple SMS Sender IDs for your various businesses and manage them on one account.

Brand Recognition

SMS Sender ID providing Brand Recognition

Sending a message and having your brand or company name appear on the recipient’s phone makes your brand authentic and builds trust. Sender IDs can be used to send messages to different destinations, and your recipients will always recognize the sender no matter where they are in the world.

SMS Sender ID Pricing

One Off cost
Ksh 7,500
Ksh 8,700
Ksh 4,700
All Networks (Discounted)
Ksh 20,000
* All Prices are inclusive of VAT